Factory map+GPS navigation/Mobile navigation/CarPlay - Comparison of Navigation Methods Suitable for Cars

At present, there are mainly three navigation methods when driving: the factory map + GPS navigation, cell phone navigation, and CarPlay/Android Auto.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?

Factory map + GPS navigation

  • It will automatically turn on when you get in the car;

  • The screen is larger, will have a better experience;

  • There is no power supply problem;

  • It uses GPS to locate accurately.

    • The map cannot be upgraded online. Map data can only be updated offline. For some cars, the data is updated every six months. And you can only go to the car dealer for the update, it takes four to five hours, and there may be a fee;

    • The user experience is not good enough. The prompts are not clear enough, you are not able to index with third-party maps. After all, the factory focus on the car itself, they do not have the best motivation to improve the map experience. Therefore, at this point, they are unable to compare with third-party navigation software such as TomTom, Waze, and Google Maps;

    • There is no real-time traffic information. It is not possible to make a planned route based on the actual road conditions at the time. If there is a traffic jam or the road is under maintenance, your travel will be seriously affected. This is far inferior to those third-party applications, which can use crowdsourced data to display all road condition information in real-time and plan the best driving plan for users;

    • Inconvenient operation. Entering a complex address on the screen but cannot find the place that you want to go, that can be really frustrating. It is better to take out your cell phone, which can be done easily by the navigation application.

    Mobile navigation

    • Third-party navigation applications can be used, you can have the best navigation experience;

    • Real-time traffic information. Can be connected to the Internet to obtain real-time.

      • Small screen. The screen is too small to be seen clearly;

      • Take up extra spaceYou must use the cradle to mount the cell phone;

      • Multitasking is not possible. If there is a phone call or the screen is locked, the navigation will stop displaying;

      • Non-integrated experience. No matter how good a mobile phone is, it is also an external device, and there is not much interaction with the car itself.


        The ideal navigation method should at least do the following:

        • Support online traffic information (can avoid congestion);
        • Support online map updates (including the latest roads);
        • Convenient input of destination. Even if it supports handwriting, inputting the destination on the car terminal is a disaster-like experience. Therefore, more and more cars and machines support pushing destinations from mobile apps or voice recognition. One of the purposes is to solve the problem of entering destinations in vehicles.

        It's time to meet CarPlay/Android Auto!

        What is CarPlay/Android Auto?


        CarPlay is a system developed by Apple for drivers to improve the driving experience. It is a trend that technology changes our lives. After you install our box, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

        A non-destructive and easy upgrade. No need to replace the display screen or the head unit, does not affect the vehicle warranty or repair. No programming required, just plug and play.

        Wireless connection. Use wireless connection and reduce the frequency of using the phone data cable. Less is more. Stable wireless connection and transmission, the wired connection is also supported. 

        Hands-free, safer & distraction-free driving. Enjoy safer driving. Navigation, music, phone calls... All by Siri's voice control. Smart safety design of CarPlay forces you to focus more on driving and rely on voice communication or controls without taking your eyes off the road. Let the CarPlay show you the way.

        Original sound quality. Has a built-in high-quality audio processor, keep the original sound quality and auditory experience.

        Supports the factory function. Supports the factory reversing image, reversing trajectory, reversing radar, etc.

        Simplified view. It is actually equivalent to the projection of your phone, basically the same as your phone, from the display to the use. 

        High-quality and stable. Want to be qualified vehicle supplies, it must be manufactured in accordance with the high requirements of the Auto industry.

        Supports different applications. Supports mobile phone third-party applications. Just install it on your phone, use it as you wish. Whether you want to listen to songs, audiobooks,  or navigation, you will have more and better service choices.

        Easy operation. Interact with the CarPlay apps on the car’s built-in touchscreen display. With these buttons, you can activate Siri, control media...

        Now having interests in installing CarPlay/Android Auto in your car?

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