Fiat - Wireless Carplay Adapters & Smart CarPlay Screen

A quick guide to understanding a portable external car stereo and four CarPlay adapters with a comparison chart of their functions, vehicle compatibility, and some information that shall be noted.

    Portable External Car Stereo

    Smart CarPlay Screen is an external car stereo with a 7" HD display. It supports both wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto.

    Main Features:

    • Wireless/ Wired CarPlay
    • Wireless/ Wired Android Auto
    • Phone Screen Mirroring
    • USB/ TF card playback
    • Bluetooth Music & Phone


    Wireless CarPlay Adapters

    AutoKit is compatible with a vehicle that has an Android car stereo for iPhone users only. It lets your Android car have Wireless CarPlay. It is plug & play and you will get it automatically connected each time when you entering in your car.

    Main Features:

    • Wireless CarPlay 
    • Automatic Connection
    • Original Car Operation
    • CarPlay Split-Screen

    Note: Please pre-install an application of “Autokit.apk on your car stereo before purchase to ensure vehicle compatibility. 
             “Autokit.apk” should be installed on your car screen, not on your phone.

    (Fiat) AI Box - Enjoy All Android Apps
    $288.00 $425.00
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    (Fiat) Wireless Box Plus - Wireless CarPlay & Mirroring Screen
    $175.00 $258.00
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    (For Aftermarket Fiat) AutoKit Box - Enjoy Wireless CarPlay
    $89.99 $159.95
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