JEEP 2021 Smart-Box Wireless CarPlay Adapter

How to Choose Your Smart-Box? 

Kindly choose the compatible product according to your vehicle.

Feel free to contact us if you are not sure about the product model.

Upgrade Your JEEP to have Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Function Now!

(For JEEP) Wireless Box Plus - Support iPhone & Andriod
$175.00 $258.00
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(For JEEP) AI Box - Support iPhone & Android
$288.00 $425.00
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(For JEEP) Wireless Box - Support iPhone
$99.99 $139.99
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(For JEEP+Android Head Unit) Auto Kit - Support iPhone
$89.99 $159.95
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(CSB-X) Convert Wired CarPlay to Wireless USB Dongle Adapter
$139.99 $179.99
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Features Comparison

Features Comparison wireless carplay adapters ai box

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