(CSBPO-1) Porsche(PCM3.1) Boxter/911/991/718/Macan/Cayman/Cayenne/Panamera | 2010-2016 Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Upgrade Retrofit Kit

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Smart boxes that allow wireless CarPlay running on vehicles came with a factory car stereo of built-in wired CarPlay or aftermarket head unit.

Smart CarPlay Screen, an external car stereo which compatible with all vehicle models.

Autokit Box - Allow you to use wireless CarPlay on your aftermarket Android car stereo.

Wireless Box - Make your wired CarPlay wireless connection.

Wireless Box Plus - A new feature "Phone Cast" of the TV screen and phone screen added to your car screen.

AI Box - Enjoy Wireless CarPlay & Android 9.0 system. 

Smart CarPlay Screen - Portable External Car Stereo applied on Wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto.

Wanna install or retrofit CarPlay for your Porsche? Come check here! We offer high-quality Smart Box, excellent product support and service, free shipping! Supported models include Boxter/911/991/718/Macan/Cayman/Cayenne/Panamera... 

CSBPO-1 Compatible Vehicle Models:

Model Head Unit Year of Manufacture
Cayenne  PCM3.1 2010-2016
Macan  PCM3.1  2010-2016
Cayman  PCM3.1 2010-2016
Panamera  PCM3.1 2010-2016
Boxter  PCM3.1 2010-2016
911  PCM3.1 2010-2016
991  PCM3.1 2010-2016
718 PCM3.1 2010-2016

Note: The model works for Porsche PCM 3.1 head unit. Please confirm there is a ''Navi'' button at the lower right corner of the Display Screen, instead of ''CD-AUX''.

If your model is not on this list, please visit the following links or contact us:


CarPlay is a system developed by Apple for drivers to improve the driving experience. It is a trend that technology changes our lives. After you install our box, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

A non-destructive and easy upgrade. No need to replace the display screen or the head unit, does not affect the vehicle warranty or repair. No programming required, just plug and play.

Wireless connection. Use wireless connection and reduce the frequency of using the phone data cable. Less is more. Stable wireless connection and transmission, the wired connection is also supported. 

Hands-free, safer & distraction-free driving. Enjoy safer driving. Navigation, music, phone calls... All by Siri's voice control. Smart safety design of CarPlay forces you to focus more on driving and rely on voice communication or controls without taking your eyes off the road. Let the CarPlay show you the way.

Original sound quality. Has a built-in high-quality audio processor, keep the original sound quality and auditory experience.

Supports the factory function. Supports the factory reversing image, reversing trajectory, reversing radar, etc.

Simplified view. It is actually equivalent to the projection of your phone, basically the same as your phone, from the display to the use. 

High-quality and stable. Want to be qualified vehicle supplies, it must be manufactured in accordance with the high requirements of the Auto industry.

Supports different applications. Supports mobile phone third-party applications. Just install it on your phone, use it as you wish. Whether you want to listen to songs, audiobooks,  or navigation, you will have more and better service choices.

Easy operation. Interact with the CarPlay apps on the car’s built-in touchscreen display. With these buttons, you can activate Siri, control media...

(CSBPO-1) Porsche(PCM3.1) Boxter/ 911/ 991/ 718/ Macan/ Cayman/ Cayenne/ Panamera | 2010-2016 Wireless CarPlay/ Auto Upgrade Box

(Note: It is recommended that you find a vehicle repair shop near you or an expert friend to help you install it If you do not have a deep understanding of the vehicle structure.)

- Porsche Cayenne - Wireless CarPlay Retrofit(CSBPO-1)

- Porsche Panamera - Wireless CarPlay Retrofit(CSBPO-1)

- Porsche 911 - Wireless CarPlay Retrofit(CSBPO-1)

  • 100% Refund If Not Compatible. Great Customer Service! 100% Satisfaction. Providing perfect service + high-quality product experience is our goal. We don’t stop until you’re completely satisfied. 
  • 1 Year Warranty. One year quality warranty and LIFETIME email support.
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Tax/ VAT Price Delivery Time
Standard Shipping  No Tax / No VAT Free 7 - 22 Business Days
Expedited Shipping Some countries may need to pay. 29.99 USD 1 - 5 Business Days
Model Number:
Main Functions:
  1. Wireless Apple CarPlay;
  2. Wired Apple CarPlay;
  3. iOS AirPlay;
  4. Android Auto;
  5. Android Mirroring;
  6. USB Flash Play;
  7. Support Reverse/ Front Camera.
 12 Months.
Connection Methods:
 Wireless Bluetooth or USB cable.
Voice Control:
 Apple Siri, Google Assistant.
 Apple CarPlay and Android auto.
Operating Methods:
 Steering Wheel, Knob, button, voice control.
 Parking sensor, Front, and Reverse camera.
System Update:
 Free update
Single Package Size:
Single Gross Weight:  1.1kg

Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box Installation Tutorial Apple iPhone Wireless Luxury Carplay Smart box Android Upgrade Smartphone interface

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Dr. Amy

Their customer service and product are really good! They supported me from the very beginning of the order to the end of the installation, they replied to me of my every question, no matter by email or whatsapp. especially thanks to Lizzy for all the support and patience! And CarPlay works perfectly, so impressed!


This is really perfect. I hate answering phone calls while I'm driving, now I can take the call in a safe way! really love the wireless feature, no cable is good... Love this box very much. gracias

Apple Carplay for Porsche 718 PCM 4.0

In my original review I was concern with the shipping process but after sharing some ideas with customer service they understood and made some changes accordingly and I can say the process is much improved. I can now give a 5 stars review. Very responsive team with excellent customer service. My emails were answered super fast. When I received the product it had a wonderful quality and very well sealed. Although the installation diagram is somewhat difficult to understand, for a PCM 4.0 the cabling is very simple when comparing with the one for PCM 3.1 where you have to open the PCM unit to install a board and additional cables. After finishing installation the final product is fantastic with a superb quality and exactly as described in their website. It is really fun and save to use it while driving. I recorded a video during the installation and provided to the team since I was not able to find any decent and detailed video online before I did mine. This is the link to access to the installation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDPAus9sTAA. As you can see in the video, I was able to place the smartbox behind the LCD screen just above the PCM unit where it fits perfectly well with all the cables. I plugged a mini-USB cable to the "update" connector in the smartbox with the other side to the glove box in case I need to update the box in the future. Overall I think it is worth it and I definitely recommend this product. GOOD JOB.

Porsche Panamera PCM 3.1( Montreal, Canada)

Let me start by giving the module, service ( communication) and the fast shipping two thumbs up . This is by far one of the most professionally packaged solution out there. My only suggestion would be to put more effort on the Installation instructions. It could be more descriptive. A simple installation video according to the car model / version would be very helpful . Overall I would definitely recommend these folks and their solid product


Nice,for my porsche paramera 2010