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Select A Perfect Smart Box For Your Subaru Car

A quick guide to understanding those four products with a comparison chart of their functions, vehicle compatibility, and some information that shall be noted.
AutoKit is compatible with a vehicle that has an Android car stereo for iPhone users only. It lets your Android car have Wireless CarPlay. It is plug & play and you will get it automatically connected each time when you entering in your car.

Main Features:

  • Wireless CarPlay 
  • Automatic Connection
  • Original Car Operation
  • CarPlay Split-Screen

Note: Please pre-install an application of “Autokit.apk” on your car stereo before purchase to ensure vehicle compatibility. 
         “Autokit.apk” should be installed on your car screen, not on your phone. 

Wireless Box is compatible with a vehicle that has original factory wired CarPlay for iPhone users only. It makes your wired CarPlay wireless. No more cord mess. It is easy to set up and you will get it automatically connected each time when you entering in your car.

Main Features:

  • Wired to wireless
  • Online upgrade 
  • Quick automatic connect
  • Keep the original operation
  • Split screen

Note: Please don't upgrade the adapter if it's running smooth.

(Subaru) Wireless Box - Convert Wired CarPlay To Wireless
$99.99 $139.99
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(For Aftermarket Subaru) AutoKit Box - Enjoy Wireless CarPlay
$89.99 $159.95
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