(Citroen) AI Box - Enjoy All Android Apps

    Make sure you have the original factory car stereo with a built-in CarPlay function 

    AI Box works on iPhone iOS 10+  & Android phones 

  Supported Citroen Models

    Model                    Manufacture Year

  • C4 Sega             2018-2021
  • C4L                    2018-2021
  • C5                      2018-2021
  • C6                      2018-2021
  • C5 AirCross       2018-2022 

    If there's no your model listed above, click to return the Citroen collection, or contact us for further inquiry.

AI BOX - CarPlay & Android 9.0 

Your best driving companion that helps you stay focused, connected. AI Box is not only allowing you to use wired CarPlay wirelessly but provides a full-featured infotainment system to your car. AI Box is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. No need to replace your car stereo, you have the ability to run the Android 9.0 version of your original car screen with built-in apps, such as Youtube, Netflix, Google map, and the functionality it brings without damaging its original functions and warranty services. Watching any copyright-blocked and installing your favorite apps on your CarPlay screen without going through Apple’s own restrictions, Split-screen app review, get directions, make calls, sent and receive messages, messages defaulting to voice-to-text, and listen to music with just a word or a touch.

 Main Features

  1. Wireless CarPlay & Automatic connection
  2. Support All Google Play Apps Installed
  3. Independent Operation System
  4. Multiple-Window
  5. Screen Mirroring
  6. Original car operation
  7. CarPlay Split-Screen
  8. USB Playback

Wireless CarPlay & Automatic Connection

No longer plug in your phone to connect to a car stereo, no more cord mess. It is easy to set up, plugging AI box into the original car USB port of a CarPlay enabled head unit and pairing the iPhone to it via Bluetooth and you will get it automatically connected each time when you entering in your car and enables you to use CarPlay wirelessly and conveniently while having it connected to your car stereo system. 

Support All Google Play Apps Installed

Connect AI Box with your original car USB port, pre-installed apps, such as Youtube, Netflix, and Google Play Store show up on the screen that you can experience the best Android 9.0 vision on your original car, watching any copyright-blocked without going through Apple’s own restrictions, just tap your car display to get driving directions or talk to send a text and explore all your favorites apps, movies, and TV shows, play games offline.

Independent Operation System

Plug AI box with original USB port, it brings you to the newest vision of Android 9.0 operating system with 4GB+32GB to your original car screen, with pre-installed software Google map, Waze, Youtube, Netflix, etc, or download your favorite apps from Google Play store. No need to replace your original car stereo and you can use the Android system for iPhone and Android phone users. It also supports wireless CarPlay and all its functions for iPhone users. Two systems of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android 9.0 system are both available on your dashboard. Your phone and car stereo can be operated independently and do not interfere with each other. 


With one click of the button and enjoy two applications on the car dashboard at the same time. Click the floating button and split-Screen you could choose Google Play Store on your right and Youtube on your left. To cancel either one of the applications, you can slide it to the left or slide to right.

Screen Mirroring

The new feature “Phone Cast” add-in AI Box, including a TV screen & phone screen. AI Box is an independent operating system that brings you to an Android 9.0 version with Phone Cast shown on your car screen.

  • Phone Screen: Cast your phone screen allows you to view content from your mobile device on your car screen or to share photos and stream video from your iPhone and mirror exactly what’s on your phone screen.
  • TV Screen: Watching live streaming television, Youtube, Netflix in your car is as easy as signing up for a service and enjoying your original car radio. Your car will turn into a theater immediately.  

Original Car Operation

Use your car’s built-in controls to operate CarPlay. Cars should have built-in controls, such as a touchscreen, rotate the knob. You'd rather keep your hands on the wheel, anything you can say to Siri to control CarPly on your iPhone works to make calls, read messages, get directions and check the weather.

  • Press and hold the voice command button on your steering wheel and say “Hey Siri” to ask Siri a question or do something.
  • Touch and hold the CarPlay Dashboard or CarPlay Home button on your touchscreen and say “Hey Siri” to ask Siri a question or do something.

CarPlay Split-screen 

The CarPlay dashboard splits the screen into multiple panels, each dedicated to a certain category of apps. Now you can split the screen between two or three apps so you can cue up driving directions in one window, control music from another, and view your calendar in a third portion of the screen. The dashboard also has three different modes, which you can switch between by tapping the home button. The largest one is normally used by Maps while the smaller cards are used for calendar information, phone calls, and music players. 

USB Flash Play

As much as playing from USB flash drives is just a matter of plug and play, for you to successfully enjoy the USB functionality, connecting a USB flash drive to AI Box USB port, that you could simply dump some music and videos onto your drive, hook it up and have everything work. CarPlay supports most mainstream music and video format: MP4/ AVI/ WAC/ AAC WMA/ AMR/ MP3/ FLAC

What's In The Box

Product Parameters:

  • Suitable for: Car with factory Apple CarPlay
  • Support for: iPhone & Android phone
  • Certification: FCC/ CE/RoHS
  • CPU: 4Core Cortex- A53 Processor 1.8GHz
  • RAM: DDR3 4GB
  • ROM: eMMC 32GB
  • System: Android 9.0
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Dimensions (inch): 4.1" x 2.5" x 1"
  • OS language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, etc.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in providing high quality and the best service, not just the first time, but every time:

  • Professional R&D Team. We have over 6 years of experience in product development and have worked with over 6,000,000 vehicles.  
  • Online Customer Service. We provide 24 hours & 7 days of Online customer service and technical support before and after-sales. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee. We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for no reason and a 12-month warranty.
  • Free Shipping Worldwide. Worldwide shipping with 1-2 weeks or expedited delivery service with 2-5 working days under your demand.


  1. Operating System: Android 9.0 Pie
  2. Memory: 4GB DDR3 RAM
  3. Storage: 32GB eMMC ROM".
  4. CPU: Quad-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex A53
  5. Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 65°C
  6. Wireless Connections: Bluetooth 4.0 Wi-FI 2.4GHz + 5.0GHz

Make sure you have the original factory car stereo with a built-in CarPlay function If you’re unsure if your car has built-in CarPlay, please contact the vehicle manufacturer or contact us directly for further inquiries.

AI Box is compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

CarPlay system does not support Youtube, Netflix, or other entertainment. AI box is a media player, you can piggyback the CarPlay interface in your vehicle, it brings you to an Android 9.0 version with pre-installed YouTube, Netflix, Google Map, and all Google Play apps download. And it has another Phone cast version with a TV screen and Phone Screen, that you can play videos, watch YouTube, Netflix, or other online shows through screen-mirroring.

  1. Plug box to car original USB port.
  2. Go to iPhone settings.
  3. Click and open Bluetooth.
  4. Come back to settings and find General.
  5. Open CarPlay and allow Bluetooth pairing request
  6. Select a connection with CarPlay on the car's dashboard
  7. Your car is connected with CarPlay wirelessly and continues to pair automatically every time you entering in your vehicle.
  1. Open the iPhone Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap CarPlay.
  4. Select your car for settings specific to it.
  5. Tap Customize.
  6. Use the plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) to add or remove apps.
  7. Tap and drag apps to change the order they appear on the CarPlay screen.

AI box is only compatible with the original factory car stereo and applied on both iPhone and Android phones. If you're unsure if your car supports wired CarPlay, please contact the vehicle manufacturer or contact us directly for further inquiries. We guarantee a full refund if AI box does not work with your vehicle as long as meets the conditions mentioned above.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Monique Altenwerth

I recommend ,Very good product works perfectly and after sales service wonderful.

Chaya Franecki

Works well with iPhone and android phone. awesome!

Theron Gottlieb

Great service, plug and play dongle,easy to use.setup in 10 minutes,wireless carplay support,also can watch video,good product.

Brenna Langosh

device works perfectly,Make time more fun. Definitely refer it to my friend

Emerald Dickinson

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum,Netflix work perfect!

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