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Car Seat Cooling Air Vent Fan

Car Seat Cooling Air Vent Fan

Compatible with most models on the market

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Car Seat Cooling Fan and Keep Comfortable

During the hot summer months, have you encountered problems such as slow car air conditioning cooling, a stuffy and sweaty back after a long drive, and high fuel consumption for car air conditioning cooling?

The USB air vent fan is a portable device designed to provide a refreshing breeze and improve air circulation in the car, especially in the area around the seats. It can help keep occupants cool and comfortable in sweltering weather when the car's air conditioning system is slow to cool.

  • Supports Three Wind Speeds

    Soft Natural wind

    Comfortable wind

    Refresh Strong wind

    Adjust the speed
    Drive away the summer heat.

  • High Compatibility

    USB interface is compatible with most models on the market, including cars, vans, jeeps, trucks, etc.

  • Compact and Convenient

    Fan position is properly utilized, placed reasonably, does not occupy space, high degree of applicability.

  • Independent Switch Design

    The switch is designed next to the seat, easy to adjust. Short press the power on button to turn on the first gear.

  • Three Colors Available

    Three colors have their own highlights, the surface selection of lychee leather pattern, high-profile, elegant, style.

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The Breeze is Coming & No More Sweltering Heat

Open the car seat cooler before driving, and the car air flow, cool breeze overflowing, chasing away the stuffy heat inside the car, the seat becomes cool and breathable but also solves the trouble of air conditioning can not blow the back.

When the car air conditioning system is difficult to quickly cool, a car seat ventilator fan can also play a special role. With the cooperation of the air conditioning system and car seat vent fan, the airflow in the car accelerates and the cooling effect is more obvious.


Low Noise System & More Calm and Safe Driving

The car seat cooling fan is designed with a low-noise system for a more enjoyable, calm, and safe driving experience. The low-noise system ensures that the fan runs quietly, minimizing any potential distractions while you are driving. It allows you to feel the healthy cool breeze without being distracted by excessive noise, making your driving trip more comfortable.

Enjoy the cool breeze and peaceful atmosphere provided by the low-noise car seat fan!


Fine Sculpted Details & Polished Excellence

The striped air intake to allow air to enter the fan more efficiently and with less resistance.

The wide outlet air channel facilitates smooth air flow and can help distribute airflow more evenly over the seating-high-quality area to maximize its effectiveness.

Dual intake wheels can increase the amount of air pulled into the fan, with more saturated wind and a more comfortable wind feeling.

The surface of the car seat fan is made of a lychee leather pattern, which has a high-quality texture and shows fashion and elegance.

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Seat-Cooling-air-vent-Fan-Wind-Speed-Adjustment

    3 Gears of Wind

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Seat-Cooling-air-vent-Fan-Lanyard-Design

    Lanyard Design

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Seat-Cooling-air-vent-Fan-Turbocharger-Technology


  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Seat-Cooling-air-vent-Fan-Details-Design

    Does Not Curl Hair

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Production Specifications



57*168*53 mm



Charging Input


Charging Interface


Supported Vehicles

Car with USB interface

Package Contains

Car seat cooling fan X1, Manual X1, Power cord X1

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joeph Rochal

Easy to install and use, strong wind, it‘s good for the driver!

Mike Cormu
Small and portable

The fans have very good speed and are quiet so they don’t bother you. Gives out cold air and the little remote on the wire is very convenient and within reach while driving so you can change the fan speeds.