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CarPlay Smart Box (Decoder)

(CSBLR-2) Land Rover(Bosch) Evoque | 2013-2018 Wireless CarPlay Upgrade Retrofit Kit

(CSBLR-2) Land Rover(Bosch) Evoque | 2013-2018 Wireless CarPlay Upgrade Retrofit Kit

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Supported Models (MANUFACTURE YEAR, Head Unit)
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We are sorry, retrofit Kits are not available now! 

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Smart boxes that allow wireless CarPlay running on vehicles came with a factory car stereo of built-in wired CarPlay or aftermarket head unit.

Smart CarPlay Screen, an external car stereo which compatible with all vehicle models.

Autokit Box - Allow you to use wireless CarPlay on your aftermarket Android car stereo.

Wireless Box - Make your wired CarPlay wireless connection.

Wireless Box Plus - A new feature "Phone Cast" of the TV screen and phone screen added to your car screen.

AI Box - Enjoy Wireless CarPlay & Android 9.0 system. 

Smart CarPlay Screen - Portable External Car Stereo applied on Wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto.

Do you feel that the factory navigation is difficult to use? Is it boring because the factory auido system cannot connect to the Internet? Are you afraid to make a call while driving or look away to do other things? Do you particularly want to have an assistant to help you solve the distractions so that you can stay focused on driving?

If yes, it is time to upgrade your car to have CarPlay now!

This is CarPlay Smart Box. We are a professional manufacturer of wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto upgrade solution. 

Next, please start reading the introduction of our CarPlay Smart Box for Land Rover (For Bosch head unit), because it may greatly change your driving habits from now on. The currently supported models of this product(CSBLR-2) include Land Rover (Bosch) Evoque | 2013-2018... 

CSBLR-2 Compatible Vehicle Model:

Head Unit
Year of Manufacture Screen Size
Evoque Bosch  2013-2018 inches

Note: Including but not limited to the above models, as long as it is a Bosch head unit and the screen size is 8 inches. If you are not sure, please contact us

If your model is not on this list, please visit the following links or contact us:


CarPlay is a system developed by Apple for drivers to improve the driving experience. It is a trend that technology changes our lives. After you install our box, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

Safer & distraction-free driving. Smart safety design of CarPlay forces you to focus more on driving and rely on voice communication or controls without taking your eyes off the road.

Safer & Distraction-Free Driving carplay smart box

You hired a convenient and smart voice assistant for free. Her name is siri. She can do many things for you. You can tell her where you are going. She can help you answer calls and make calls to someone. She will also help you play your favorite songs or do any other things. All you need to do is tell her while driving.

You hired a convenient and smart voice assistant for free. siri carplay smartbox

Support a lot of third-party apps. Whether you want to listen to songs, books, the radio, watch movies, or navigation, you will have more and better service choices.

Support a lot of third-party apps carplay smart box

Keep it simple in your car. Use wireless connection and reduce the frequency of using the phone data cable. Less is more. Keep your luxury car simple and noble.

Keep it simple in your car.Less is more. Keep your luxury car simple and noble. carplay smart box

Bigger screen is better entertainment. Don't waste the opportunity to use the luxury car's stereo system and enjoy the service of home theater. 

Bigger Screen is better entertainment. carplay smart box stero audio system  car

Save your retrofit money. Just install our smart box to greatly improve your driving experience and keep your luxury car stylish and technological. It's great value. 

Have you already understood the difference between a car with CarPlay and without CarPlay? The difference between them is like the difference between two eras. Just like the difference between a functional phone and a smart phone.


Now please start your CarPlay journey seriously!


Model Number:
Main Functions:
  1. Wireless Apple CarPlay;
  2. Wired Apple CarPlay;
  3. iOS AirPlay;
  4. Android Auto;
  5. Android Mirroring;
  6. USB Flash Play;
  7. Support Reverse/ Front Camera / 360° Camera.
 12 Months.
Connection Methods:
 Wireless Bluetooth or USB cable.
Voice Control:
 Apple Siri, Google Assistant.
 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Operating Methods:
 Steering Wheel, Knob, button, voice control.
 Parking sensor, Front, and Reverse camera.
System Update:
 Free update
Single Package Size:
Single Gross Weight:  1.1kg

Accessories List

  • Wifi antenna × 1Pcs
  • USB Cable × 1Pcs  
  • LVDS IN × 1Pcs 
  • Microphone × 1Pcs 
  • Power Cable × 1Pcs 
  • LDVS OUT × 1Pcs 
  • AUX Cable × 1Pcs 
  • Air Conditioning Adapter × 1Pcs 
  • Some models may have other additional accessories.

Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box Installation Tutorial Apple iPhone Wireless Luxury Carplay Smart box Android Upgrade Smartphone interface

Installation Tutorial

The installation process is simple, but it is a bit trouble for people who don’t understand vehicles. The general process is to first open the control panel, then take out the host and connect to our box according to the installation diagram (No need to remove any modules or break any wiring), and finally install the control panel back.

The main difficulty is that different models have different ways to open the control panel. Therefore, it is recommended that you find a friend or vehicle repair shop who can disassemble the control panel of your model to help you. Of course, we also have a video of the entire installation process for your reference. Click here to watch installation videos and learn more how to install.

(CSBPO-2) Porsche(PCM4.0) Cayenne/ Macan/ Cayman/ 911/ 718 | 2016-2018 Wireless CarPlay Solution

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      Q1: Will this system forfeit my warranty on my car?

      A1: No. Our Smart Box does not change any function of the original vehicle, it is an enhanced function product. You can understand it as the metal suit of Iron Man. It is PLUG AND PLAY. Therefore, it will not affect the warranty of the vehicle.

      Q2: Does this smart box allow me to mirror my phone to the screen?

      A2: Yes. Our box support mirror function.

      Q3: After installation, am I still able to use my original system and audio system?

      A3: Yes. Both systems will exist. Our box will not damage any of your hardware, wiring and software system. You can switch back to your own factory system freely and easily at any time.

      For more questions, please click here.