(For GENESIS) Wireless Box - Support iPhone

Upgrade wired CarPlay to wireless ! Supports multiple car models and  iOS systems , Auto-connection ! 

The vehicle models above are clearly supported by our SMART-BOX Standard For GENESIS, and there are still some other models that are not listed. If your model is not on this list, please visit:Please choose the brand of your car

Detailed information:

1.No more cords. 

With Wi-Fi Hotspot,we make the wired wireless.

2.Automatic connection. 

Set it and forget it, just plug and play.

3.Stable operation 
We designed and built our proprietary chip in house, sourcing the main module directly from Apple, for a stable and uninterrupted CarPlay experience.

4.Supported iPhone Models

We support iPhones from 6.0 (IOS 10) all the way up to 12 Pro.


1.Guaranteed performance

2. Auto update

Free and easy firmware updates.Regular Update versions to provide the BEST usage experience.


3.Problems solved

Our tech support will answer your questions in 12hours. And they can help you set up or update your equipment.

4.Quality transport channel, arrive within two weeks

Most orders will generally be shipped within 24 hours.Free & Fast Shipping and Optional Paid Expedited Shipping(Usually 2-5 business days).


How to use SMART-BOX Standard?

1. Connect the USB Dongle to the car head unit USB port, and click "Find iPhone", and turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;

2. When the mobile phone Bluetooth signal appears on the car, click on pairing.


CarPlay/Android Auto is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive.

With a CarPlay/Android Auto dashboard that helps you with tunes, turns, and Siri/voice assistance suggestions, a Calendar app that lets you view and manage your day, and maps that reveal more of what’s around you, getting there just got a whole lot easier. And a lot more fun.

No. Our Smart Box does not change any function of the original vehicle, it is an enhanced function product. You can understand it as the metal suit of Iron Man. It is PLUG AND PLAY. Therefore, it will not affect the warranty of the vehicle.

Yes. We support mirror function.

Yes. Both systems will exist. Our box will not damage any of your hardware, wiring and software system. You can switch back to your own factory system freely and easily at any time.

All apps that support CarPlay/Android Auto can be displayed on the screen of the vehicle. 

Yes, the above features are just basic, all supported by the Smart Box. Not only that, but our Smart Box also supports many other functions. For details, please read the product description on the product page.

You will need to order a wireless remote if your vehicle does not have a touchscreen or a touchpad to control the screen. Applications like Netflix require touch to select movies.




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