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Smart Key LCD Fob

Smart Key LCD Fob

Suitable for all models with one button start car key, plug-in keys are not compatible

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Choose Smart Key LCD Fob and Unlock New Experience

Smart Key LCD Fob is chosen over traditional keys because of the convenience and security they offer. Car smart keys use modern technology to combine car keys with smart applications to show superb appeal, and the added convenience and security features show superb attraction.

Note: This product is only suitable for cars with one button start car key.

  • HD Anti-Glare LCD Screen

    With IPS high-definition anti-glare LCD screen, enjoy the full laminated glass touch, also stronger in visual effect.

  • Hundreds of Car Logo Available

    A variety of car logo options, press and hold for more than 15 seconds to change to the exclusive car logo you want.

  • Alloy Drop Protection

    Upgraded alloy material, full package protection, solid and fall-resistant, with strong practicality.

  • Loss Prevention Function

    Set your cell phone number in the remote key so that if the key is lost, the finder can contact you based on the number.

  • MFi Exclusive Identity

    Passed a number of stringent tests by Apple, official certification for more security. Exclusive ID code: 725550-370200.

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Intelligent Sensing & Comfortable Entry

When you walk with the car smart key to about 1.5 meters from the car, the intelligent sensor system will detect your presence and unlock the doors automatically, making it easier and more comfortable for you to enter the vehicle.

When you leave the car after about five meters, the intelligent sensor system will recognize and automatically lock the doors to ensure the safety of the car and protect the contents.


Turn on Reservation & Trunk Opens Automatically

With Smart Reservation enabled, the trunk will also open automatically when you approach the car, which will help you store things easily, especially if you're frazzled or can't take the time to open the trunk manually.

When you are carrying groceries and luggage, it will become very strenuous to open the trunk manually. This feature will be very powerful, you can easily load or unload items without having to stand outside the trunk and struggle.


Long Standby Time & No More Worrying about Power

The HD Touch screen keyless adopts ultra-low power automotive grade PKE chip, which is very power-saving and can be used for 30 days with one charge, and the charging frequency is not high, so it is very easy to use. The physical button can be used for 365 days.

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Smart-Key-LCD-Fob-Comfortable-Entry

    Comfortable Entry

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Smart-Key-LCD-Fob-Exclusive-Car-Logo

    Exclusive Car Logo

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Smart-Key-LCD-Fob-Intelligent-Reservation

    Intelligent Reservation

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Smart-Key-LCD-Fob-Locate

    "Find My" Locate

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  • 1: OBD Lossless Insertion

    Plugging OBD into the car's internal interface for comfort entry.

  • 2: Remove the Circuit Board

    Disassemble and remove the original key electric board.

  • 3: Connected

    It is completed after connecting to the original keypad by soldering wires.

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Product Specifications







Alloy + Baked ABS

Charging Interface


Applicable Model

All cars with one button start

Package Contains

Smart remote car key X1, Manual X1, OBD interface X1,Charging cable X1, Wiring harness X1

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Vitello
Very nice quality and feel!

Best product I’ve ever brought to modify my car key. Works great! And it’s really cool to have.