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Solar Power TPMS Car Tire Pressure Alarm Monitor System

Solar Power TPMS Car Tire Pressure Alarm Monitor System

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What do you need to know about tire pressure?

  1. The tire is one of the most important parts of a car.
  2. Being unfamiliar with the car condition and not paying enough attention to the tires can cause air leaks and damage the wheels. The replacement cost of tires and wheels is very high.
  3. The temperature difference between summer and winter causes changes in tire pressure, which can also easily cause tire wear and even blowout.
  4. The tire pressure cannot be judged by observing the tire with the naked eye. The tire pressure is less than 50% of the standard value before there is obvious deformation. If the tire pressure is 25% lower than the standard value, the chance of a tire blowout will increase three times.
  5. With every 0.2 bar, the tire is under-inflated, fuel consumption increases by 1.5%, and the life span of a tire decreases by 15%. More importantly, improper tire pressures could increase the braking distance, affect the cornering performance, and heat up the tires.
  6. Tire issues not only expose your safety to higher risks but also cost extra money in gasoline and tire replacement.

The effective monitoring of tire pressure is very important for car maintenance and driving safety. Effectively monitor tire wear to avoid damage to tires and wheels and prolong service life. Monitor tire pressure at any time to ensure driving safety, prevent tire blowouts and reduce accident rates, which also can effectively save fuel.



  • Precious Alert for Individual Tire. With great accuracy within 0.1 bar for individual tire, you could easily figure out the abnormal and solve it ASAP. Rather than being caught in the anxiety with the yellow low-pressure symbol, it can't tell you what's the problem exactly is.

    • Solar Charging LCD Display. Support both USB cable & solar charging. The LCD display supports both USB cable & solar charging. Large area anti-reflective solar panels will be highly converted to solar energy, which helps you free the car cigarette lighter socket. You could check your tires' status via the big and readable LCD display while driving. 
    • Intelligent wake-up. The receiver in the dormancy will wake up automatically when starting up the automobile and will go dormant automatically when the automobile is still, without manual operation to save energy.
    • A Breeze to Installing. It takes only 5 minutes to finish the installation of all four wheels. We'd like to spare you from an insane amount of time setting up the unit and getting started with using it. It is also super convenient for a rented car before a trip. And a cost-efficient choice to replace or maintain when changing the tire.

    • Wide range of applications to meet various car models. Great for four-wheeled vehicles with tire pressure within 4.0 Bar. The Tire pressure monitor can receive long-distance (up to 6 meters) signals from the sensor. Suitable for Cars, ORV, SUV, MPV, Minibus, Wagon, etc.

    • Colorful LCD digital displaying. Clear to show tire information.
    • Rear-time monitoring pressure & temperature of 4 tires.
    • Speak for your tire. Low air pressure/high temperature/Leakage / Low Battery alarm.
    • Durable and Firm Sensor. The firm sensor with a water-proof and anti-corrosion design is perfect for harsh weather conditions. The battery life of sensors can last up to 2 years. And it could be replaced by yourself when the battery is exhausted.


    • Intelligent Shock Boot when car moving. Don't need to turn on/off.
    • Wireless connect by sensors. Easy to install.
    • Build-in sensors and external sensors options. Meets your need.
    • Freescale chip sensors and fit on almost 98% of cars on market.
    • Two units (PSI / Bar) changeable for your like.
    • IP67 Protection: Dust-Proof/Water-Proof.


    External Sensors: Parameters & Installation

    • Easy to install, convenient to replace the battery.
    • IP67 Protection: Dust-Proof/Water-Proof.
    • Anti High Temperate and Cold.
    • Working Temperature: -20℃-80℃.
    • Battery Life: 2 Years.

    Build-in Sensors: Parameters & Installation

    • Please install it in by professional car center.
    • IP67 Protection: Dust-Proof/Water-Proof.
    • More stable and accurate.
    • Anti High Temperate and Cold.
    • Working Temperature: -40℃-125℃.
    • Battery Life: 5 Years.


    How to replace the External Sensor battery?

    1. Remove the dismantling gasket;
    2. Wrench the shell with a wrench;
    3. Remove the battery;
    4. Replace a new battery.

    What is TPMS?

    It is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System and also calls Tire Pressure Sensor. Make alarm and show car tires' pressure and temperature.

    How to install sensors?

    We suggest to install the build-in sensors by professional car center; external one install can read our page and manual for reference.

    Can it work on the snow day?

    Yes. If the TPMS show "N5 Alarm", Please don't worry and just drive the car for a distance to make the tires moving. It will be ok. The external sensors will be affected by the cold environment, just need to run the cars.

    Does it need to connect car cigarette lighter for charging?

    No. Normally it will charge by solar, but if you meet very bad weather for a long time or need an urgent charge, you can use the USB for charge.

    Does it need to turn on/off the TPMS?

    No. It will turn on by shock boot and turn off if there is no shock for 10 minutes.