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Wireless-Box Plus

Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto and TV Cast 3 in 1

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Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Adapter

Wireless 3 in 1 Adapter

Our special adapter connects to your car through a cable and pair to your phone through Bluetooth, making it a fully connected vehicle with CarPlay or Android Auto wirelessly enables, whenever you enter your car and start driving. Also support TV cast.

  • Wirelss CarPlay

  • Wireless Android Auto

  • Screen Mirroring & TV Cast

  • USB Music / Video Play

  • User-Friendly

    Quick and seamless connection and operation

  • Unlimited Convenience

    Support an unlimited mobile phone use

  • Cost-Effective

    More effective and less expensive than other similar adapters

  • Android Dynamics Supported

    Supporting a dedicated standalone Android 11.0 Version

  • Customized Boot Screen

    Every time the car is started, your screen's boot is as unique as you want

  • CarPlay Split Screen

    Get a better version with split window

  • Voice Assistant

    Siri or Google assistant

  • Integrated Control System

    Steering wheel / Button / Touch screen

Keep Your Car Connected-Wirelesly

Picture having Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto, Mobile Phone Screen Mirror, and a USB Music and Video Player — all in one, on the go. Now you can enjoy the convenience of all these technologies in your car.

Smart-Box for Your Android and Android Auto

If you have an Android device, you’ll explore the benefits of Android Auto. Your car’s dashboard will become a navigation center, information sidekick, and also an audio and video entertainment head unit. It’s important to note that our adapter supports instant Wireless Android Auto connection.

Smart-Box for Your Iphone and Carplay

If you have an iPhone and use CarPlay, you’ll have your device instantly and wirelessly connected to your car. You’ll be able to explore essential default iPhone apps. You’ll also be able to add third-party apps, such as WhatsApp, Waze, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and others.It’s important to note that our adapter supports instant Wireless Carplay connection.

Boot Video Customization

With Smart-Box, every time you enter your car, a boot video is instantly started, which will make the car more welcoming and truly customized to your taste and preferences.

What's in the Box

Customer Reviews

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Peter J
It works almost too well.

The device connects quickly whenever I get in the car. Sometimes I just want to listen to my XM radio so I switch it back. It definitely works as advertised. I can mirror with 2/3 screen or full screen depending on preference. I haven't tried with iPhone but I imaging it works just as well.