Here are a few of the frequently asked questions. Your feedback is greatly encouraged to provide you with the best customer experience. If you have any questions please send us an email at Support@CarPlaySmartBox.com

Usage Tutorials

How to connect the wireless box, Wireless Box plus, AutoKit, and AI with your iPhone to get Wireless CarPlay?

make sure that your car is in wireless or Bluetooth pairing mode. Then on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > CarPlay > Available Cars and choose your car.

How to connect the AI box&Wireless box plus to your android phone to get Wireless Android auto?

Plug the device into your car and open your Android phone, go to Setting > Bluetooth > Available device choose your car. And come back setting to share your hotspot with your car.

Tip: The box will remember the Bluetooth connection record,and it can be automatically connected when it is used for the second time. If more than 2 mobile phones have been connected and used,the box will default to the recent Bluetooth record.

How to connect the AutoKit with your car?

Need to install an APK in your car Then Type A connect your car and open your iPhone to connect. Plug & Play

How to use Mirroring & TV cast?

For Mirroring: Click on the box mirroring connection icon and select the corresponding mobile phone Find the mobile phone mirroring function icon respectively, and connect the Bluetooth name of the box device, then follow the prompts to enter

For TV projection: Click the icon, for example; the mobile phone plays the video you want to watch on YouTube, finds the Cast icon, opens the connected device to display the Bluetooth name, and follows the prompts to operate, and the mobile phone will become an operable remote control interface.

NOTE: Make sure the phone and  box are in the same LAN WI-FI

How to use U Disk play?

The box itself has a private storage space, which can save some meaningful videos (such as blessings specially prepared for family members, or cherished memory videos) to surprise family members and friends at a specific time. At the same time, it also supports playback of additional U disk resources. Plug & Play

How to use the google play store to download any apps you like?

AI box is an open system. Except for the pre-installed apps, you only need to connect to any WiFi or hotspot in the settings, then open the Google store, log in to your Google account, and find the app you want to download.

Common questions about smart boxes

Does it work with my car?

AI Box, Wireless Box, Wireless Box Plus works in wired carplay only make sure you have the original factory stereo car with a built-in CarPlay function.It is suitable for more than 97% of the models with wired carplay in the original car in 2017-22. Before purchasing, you can use the data cable to plug the iPhone into the data port of the original car. If the car screen pops up the carplay interface, it means that the original car supports Our product expansion, congratulations can be purchased, otherwise unfortunately can not support.

Autokit is only works in the aftermarket head unit that can install an application of APK, make sure to install the app before purchase to ensure vehicle compatibility.

Does it work with iPhone?

AutoKit, AI Box, Wireless Box, and Wireless Box Plus are works in iPhone iOS 10+

Does it work with an Android phone?

Sure AI box and Wireless box plus is available for android phone (support both iPhone and Android phone)

What is the difference between those four wireless CarPlay adapters?

Please click here to check the difference between those four adapters

Does the wireless CarPlay adapter use Bluetooth or Wifi?

All those smart boxes are required Bluetooth and wifi. When you connect the adapter with your car, you need to open the Bluetooth, if you want to watch some videos through a TV screen or download some app you need to share your hotspot with your car.

How can I watch Youtube, Netflix, play games with CarPlay?

Playing games and watching videos are only available with AI and wireless box plus

For AI Box you can download the app directly from google play

For Wireless Box Plus you can watch videos from Tv & Phone screen functions


Note: For your safety please don’t watch videos while driving.

Can I use the original car button of this box to support it?

Yes, it depends on the car's configuration support for carplay. The box supports the original car knob, square control, and touch screen control methods.

Using this box, does the playing sound come from the original car?

Using this box, does the playing sound come from the original car?

What to do when the connection doesn't respond?

Observe whether the box light is always red, if so, please contact customer service, If the box light is normal blue, you need to pull out the box. Switch back to the original car interface, find the original car settings =》 factory settings =》 App connect = 》reset. Turn off the car for 15 minutes, then insert the box again.

Will the heat be affected by using this box for a long time?

The normal working temperature of the product can be adapted to -20℃-65℃, don't worry. It will not affect the use of the car and the box.

Order And Shipping

How to track my order?

When the order has been sent you can check your order from the site you will get a tracking number and then you can track your order any time

How do return the goods?

After confirming that our product is not compatible with your car, and you can apply return the item within 60 days of purchase as long as it’s undamaged, not stained, and still in its original packaging. 
The return address will be provided by Email after submitting the application. (To avoid some trouble please contact us first if you are not sure our smart box is available in your car)

How long will it take to receive my refund?

You will receive a refund within 7 to 14 business days after we receive your return with the same payment method that was originally used for the purchase. It may take some time for the bank to process the refund. If you haven’t received a refund for a while, first check your bank account again, contact the credit card company or the bank for further check.

How do I change my shipping address?

If the package has not been sent out (2-3 days), you can contact us to change the shipping address for free. If the package has already been sent out, unfortunately, you will need to pay the extra bill to update the address (this fee is charged by the shipping provider, e.g. DHL or FedEx).

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

If the return is caused by the consumer, the consumer will bear the freight. The specific cost should depend on the Courier company consumer choose. 

If the return is due to our mistakes (such as damaged or incorrect goods received by the consumer), the consumer does not have to bear the shipping cost. (The return shipping cost will be refunded based on a valid return receipt)

What if I ordered the wrong items?

If the goods have not been sent you can click “cancel order” directly.
If the goods have been sent already you need to contact us for further inquiry.

What if my return never arrives? Could I still get a refund?

No. For that reason, we highly recommend you getting insurance for your return shipment.

How do I return or exchange an item?

1. Please tell us which items you want to return and reasons.

2. If we agree you return or exchange the product after we getting the reason, you can sent it to us

3. After we receive your return package and check to confirm OK, we will agree to give you a refund.

Note: We will reserve the rights to deny a return if we think our policy is being abused.

What if the part is defective or damaged?

Please take pictures or videos to prove it is demaged and send them to  support@carplaysmartbox.com, and we’ll send you a new replacement. You’ll still need to return to the defective or damaged items to us.

How long can I receive the goods after I payment?

Normally, you will receive the goods within 1-2 weeks after we sending